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Share with us newspapers, magazines, books, photographs, documents, etc. in Ottoman Turkish and make them accessible to the whole world.

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How Does the System Work?

See the steps we apply fort he documents you upload.

1st Step:

Easy Upload

You drag the newspapers, magazines, books, manuscripts or documents to the point “You too share”, and can easily upload them by writing down the information required about the file.

2nd Step:


The information tag regarding the text and the content of the files you have uploaded are reviewed by our expert team page by page and being approved the documents are directed to the OCR engine for further processing.

3rd Step:

OCR and Integration

Documents after having passed the necessary approval process are scanned through the OCR engine that recognizes Arabic letters and are integrated into the Wikilala search engine in a short while.

Last Step:

Already Launched!

You can now search with both Latin and Arabic letters in the files you’ve uploaded and processed with the help of our application. They are all available to the whole world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about Uploading

In former version, there was no membership requirement. However, users who do not are yet registered in the current version are not allowed to upload files.

As of today you can upload files in PDF and image (PNG, JPEG, TIFF) formats.

Yes. The files that are to be uploaded have to be copyright free and/or open sources to avoid any probable legal problems.

Who Said What?

What is said&written about the project?

Fabulous idea and great effort. Deserves a huge thank.

Thank you for the job.

Birsen Avcı

A great service; I would like to thank all who has any share in it. I do watch with awe and learn very much. It seems I would have to lead my academic studies to a very different direction!

Muhammed Esat Altıntaş

I watched the whole program. (They) put a great effort; it’s still being developed and seems very exciting. As far as I know it has much wider scope than the studies conducted by particular universities. It has a very detailed search bar; has a large database, and will surely be enlarged farther.

Ümit Nar

Archives are invaluable for producing and disseminating the knowledge. We have to do our best to make the archives accessible. If you cannot access the knowledge, it is as if there is none! Congrats!

Prof. Dr. Handan İnci
Rector at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

I do congratulate and hope the project will do a good service for researchers. Thank you and to all those who have their lots in it.

Selçuk Aydın

Wikilala excited me very much, since they claim to be the Google for Ottoman Turkish. You can upload any kind of Ottoman documents, books, magazines, newspapers etc. and make your search in those texts with Latin script.

Mürsel Çavuş
Developmental Editor

A very practical database for the historians as well as the others interested in Ottoman Turkish texts. Congrats…

SAU Faculty of Science&Letters