Wikilala'yı Keşfedin


Possibility of full text search in all publications kept in the database, whether in Latin or Arabic letters


Find the unknown words you come across in the texts, either old or new, you read from with just one click.


Take the chance to translate your texts from Turkish to English, English to Arabic, Arabic to Chinese and many more.


Using joker characters listed in dictionaries the words cannot be read due to deletion, wear, etc.

Tüm Projelerimize Göz Atın

Hiperkitap Türkiyenin İlk Dijital Kütüphanesi

Since 2006, we have been working to produce scientific materials in Turkish and to make Turkish a language for science.

Having 15 years of experience, we offer brand new solutions for books and libraries.


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Share your works with the world

Share with us newspapers, magazines, books, photographs, documents, etc. in Ottoman Turkish and make them accessible to the whole world.
You share as well now!