What is Wikilala?

Wikilala is a digital library that allows "research" in Ottoman texts (newspapers, magazines, books and documents) printed after the invention of the printing press. There is currently no library that allows the curious or academic researchers to make research in Ottoman texts in Latin script. Until the age of digital printing, researchers had to scan pages and even read line by line to find what they are looking for in Ottoman texts. However, thanks to Wikilala, they can reach all the titles and content they are looking for with a single move in fractions of a second.


It is our main duty to enable researchers and enthusiasts studying in almost all branches of science, such as culture, art, history, literature, architecture etc. to rediscover even the smallest details in order to illuminate a landscape that has been dimly lighted for two centuries. We have a serious, laboriously produced cultural heritage, much of which neglected for long due to technical incompetence; and we did struggle to find something only by groping. Wikilala allows us to access this huge storage of knowledge.


We aim to provide easy access to millions of pages of print documents such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc. produced in the 200-year period from 1729 (when İbrahim Müteferrika started running the first Turkish printing press) to the letter revolution in 1928. We will not be satisfied with providing this; we are also putting efforts to Latinize and even literally simplify the texts accessible to make it available to a wider public. To put it briefly, it is our greatest desire to transfer the 200 years of experience, which we estimate to be able to reach 6-7 million pages, completely into the system and to offer this bulk of knowledge to the service of the whole world.

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